Apzem Dry Scrubber

Some of the pollutants that are not readily soluble in wet scrubbing liquid can be easily treated and controlled using Dry scrubber. Dry scrubbing systems are used to remove acid gases (such as HF, SO2 and HCl).There are number of dry type scrubbing system techniques. However, all consist of two main devices: a device to introduce the acid gas sorbent material into the gas stream and a particulate matter control device to remove reaction products, excess sorbent material as well as any particulate matter already in the flue gas.

Therefore, dry scrubbers generally do not have a stack steam plume or wastewater disposal requirements. However the technique is selected on the basis of critical factors like exhaust gas temperature, corrosive nature, pollution loading etc…so, it needs vast experience and understanding of various air pollution control Technology. Apzem Engineers and Consultants will undergo a thorough field study and understands the process, source and the amount of pollutants generated, and its nature and type of pollutants present so as to optimally design the scrubber that would decreases unwanted costs and increases efficiency.

We have well design engineers with strong technical knowledge for custom design according to the customer needs and satisfaction with given stipulate time. We build manufacturing of all air pollution control equipment and also erection and commissioning of dry adsorption.

Apzem™ Dry Scrubber Types